2 Barnstable Women Named 2020 Commonwealth Heroines

A Barnstable Patch article written by Jimmy Bentley on June 24th, 2020 details the 2020 Commonwealth Heroines award ceremony, where Lynne Poyant of Hyannis and Wendy Northcross of West Barnstable were both named as Commonwealth Heroines. Lynne was nominated by Representative Crocker.

2 Barnstable Women Named 2020 Commonwealth Heroines

Wendy Northcross and Lynne Poyant, both of Barnstable, were named 2020 Commonwealth Heroines.

BARNSTABLE, MA — Two Barnstable women were recently recognized as 2020 Commonwealth Heroines.

The annual Commonwealth Heroines celebration recognizes women from across the state who "perform unheralded acts daily that make our homes, neighborhoods, cities and towns better places to live." State legislators are responsible for recommending women within their districts for the honor.

Wendy Northcross, nominated by State Rep. Sarah Peake , was recognized for her work addressing affordable housing and climate as the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce CEO. Also recognized was Lynne Poyant who was nominated by State Rep. William Crocker. Poyant was nominated not only for her work as the town's communications director, but also for her volunteer work with several local organizations.

Peake said Northcross has lead a 1,200-plus member chamber of commerce since 1988. Under her leadership, the Chamber has not only excelled at what one thinks of as typical chamber tasks like marketing and business development, but she has boldly tackled issues that chambers might not traditionally take on, Peake said.

Some of those other tasks included:

  • Helping Cape Cod residents afford their wastewater obligations through the creation of the Wastewater Trust
  • Working with the Homebuilders Association and local housing advocacy organizations to address affordable housing.
  • Taking on key environmental issues like the white shark population and climate change.

"If there is something cutting edge going on that will help Cape Codders, you can be sure that Wendy is behind it," Peake said.

Crocker said Poyant deserved recognition because she's been a visible community leader since 2005. Outside her role as the Barnstable communications director, Poyant spends her time volunteering in the community. Her volunteer efforts include work with the JFK Hyannis Museum Boardof Directors, the Mercy Otis Warren Cape Cod Women of the Year Committee, and as chair of the JFK Memorial Trust Fund Committee.

"Lynne can always be found with a smile on her face and eager attitude to serve her hometown of Barnstable," Crocker said.

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