This is a public thank you note to a unique individual. A politician. A politician with a big heart and a level head.

As parents of a special needs adult, we have navigated the myriad of paper work that accompanies the realm of supportive services that our son receives.

At one point, one of these services - adult foster care - was disrupted, and after exhausting all our efforts to solve this problem, we wrote to our representatives at the Statehouse and we heard from Will Crocker’s office almost immediately. We received not just a sympathetic pat on the hand, but a timely call to arms. Will and his assistant Erin put together a meeting for us with the key individuals involved from the agencies needed at his office. These people provided clarification and support concerning the issue and our difficulties were quickly resolved.

We thank Will Crocker for being an advocate for special needs.

Joe and Gail Capello


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