Crocker Pleased with State’s Coronavirus Efforts

A article written by Brendan Fitzpatrick on May 1, 2019 shares Representative Crocker's thoughts on the state's Coronavirus efforts.

Crocker Pleased with State’s Coronavirus Efforts

BOSTON – Centerville State Representative Will Crocker is pleased with the overall efforts made by state government officials to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

He praised Governor Charlie Baker for his actions regarding the virus to this point.

“I think the actions by Governor Baker to quickly move ahead and do social distancing has really shown that we, at this point so far, have not gotten that spike that other states have gotten, and our healthcare system has not been overwhelmed,” Crocker said.

Going forward, Crocker believes the government should start evaluating how to reopen the state.

Crocker said that the bipartisan delegation of Cape Cod’s representatives is ensuring that the needs of the community, such as those within the hospitality industry, are being heard.

Information from local stakeholders will be collected by the Cape’s representatives and passed along on Beacon Hill.

“We have a lot at stake here,” Crocker said.

“We are, as everyone knows, a seasonal economy here, and our lifeline through the cold months depends on what gets made in the warm months.”

The decision to add $130 million of additional funding for nursing homes and long-term care facilities from the Baker-Polito administration was also praised by Crocker.

He said it’s important to make sure that those on the front lines have the proper resources to continue their work.

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