Effort to Help Barnstable’s Blish Point Residents Reaches Beacon Hill

On June 6, 2018 CapeCod.com details efforts by Representative Will Crocker and other members of the Cape delegation to assist residents of Blish Point in Barnstable to prevent future flooding.

Effort to Help Barnstable’s Blish Point Residents Reaches Beacon Hill


June 6, 2018

BARNSTABLE – An effort to prevent future flooding in the Blish Point neighborhood of Barnstable Village has made its way to Beacon Hill.

It appears funds have been approved through amendments to the House and Senate versions of the state budget to build resilience for the area between Maraspin Creek and Millway Beach which was heavily impacted by winter storm flooding.

A conference committee is working to reconcile both versions of the budget.

Cape and Islands State Senator Julian Cyr will be touring the area Friday afternoon to discuss efforts being done by him, State Representatives Will Crocker and Tim Whelan, and other state officials on coastal resiliency and flood resistance.

Blish Point resident Peter Halesworth said the effort from the local level up to Beacon Hill has been strong.

“It’s been a great concerted effort from the local level up to Beacon Hill,” said Halesworth.

“We are hoping we can get a good strategy implemented to make sure that we are a flood resistant neighborhood and we can preserve a great quality of life we have.”

There are about 200 homes in the neighborhood and upwards of 30 were damaged by flood waters this winter.

“Just on two streets near me there’s been over $1 million in damage to homes and automobiles,” Halesworth said. “It’s been pretty devastating.”

Halesworth said the neighborhood has seen a strong appreciation in real estate prices, is very desirable and several new homes are being built.

“I think if we want to preserve the tax base and be able to fund services, protecting Blish Point should be a key part of the overall goals of the town,” he said.

Halesworth said the town needs to find out if the current drainage system is the best solution if the pattern of more intense storms continues and if the burm along the north side of the creek should be raised.

The Blish Point Citizens for a Flood-Resistant Neighborhood discussed the issue with the Town Council in April and Halesworth said councilors expressed a commitment to help.

“Complacency and kicking the can is not an option here,” Halesworth said. “We need to be vigilant and have things in place well before so we don’t get caught flatfooted for the next storm.”


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