House Bill Supports Civics Education

On June 4, 2018 writes of Representative Will Crocker's strong support of a house bill focused on civics education in schools.

House Bill Supports Civics Education in Massachusetts

BOSTON – State Representative Will Crocker is supporting legislation to help students develop strong citizenship skills by expanding civics education in Massachusetts’ public schools. Representative

“As a former civics teacher, I understand the value of our children learning how their government operates and their ability to influence it,” Crocker said.

“This legislation puts into motion the basics for schools to educate their students in civics, so they may be more able to discuss their approval and disapproval of their government as set forth in the Bill of Rights.”

House Bill 4545, An Act to promote and enhance civic engagement, was approved by the House of Representatives on a 151-0 vote on May 30.

Under the House proposal, several new civics-related topics would be added to the curriculum, with students learning about the differences between the local, state and federal governments and the roles and responsibilities of a citizen in a democracy.

They would also learn how to analyze and evaluate written and digital media pertaining to history and civics; and community diversity and historical trends in voter registration and civic participation relative to disenfranchised voter populations.


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