In support of Rep. Crocker

In a letter to the editor of the Barnstable Patriot, Barnstable Town Councillor Paul Neary shares why he will be voting to re-elect Will Crocker as the 2nd Barnstable State Representative. 

In support of Rep. Crocker

As a Barnstable Town councilor, I have had the opportunity to work together with Will Crocker on many matters that are of critical importance to our community. As a Cape Codder and a former Barnstable Town Councilor himself, Will truly understands what matters to us, his long-time neighbors.

As our State Representative, Will has demonstrated leadership on a diverse range of issues, including preserving the safety of our groundwater, advocating on behalf of the diversified needs of our education system, and combating the opioid crisis that is affecting so many families on the Cape. He has also sponsored legislation that has brought grants for local initiatives, such as funding for a Barnstable Homeless Outreach Coordinator and the Barnstable Applied Climate Resiliency Center.

Will is well-liked and well-respected by his colleagues, community leaders, and his constituents, whom he faithfully serves.

Please join me in re-electing Will Crocker as State Representative for Barnstable and Yarmouth on Tuesday, November 6.

Paul Neary
Town Councilor
Precinct 6

Read the letter to the editor here.