Diverse Concerns Emerge at State Council Visit to Barnstable Senior Center

A Barnstable Patriot article written on July 28th discusses issues facing the older generations on Cape and looks at the several state bills currently being considered, including one sponsored by State Representative Will Crocker that would provide tax credits for families of caregivers. Continue reading

Crocker Pushing Bill to Increase Penalties for Assaulting Police Officers

A CapeCod.com article written on July 14th discusses Representative Crockers moves in supporting his bill, which would turn the second offense of assault and battery on law enforcement officers from a misdemeanor to a felony. Continue reading

Political Notes: Cape Legislators Tout Impact on State Budget

A Cape Cod Times article written on July 11th discusses lawmakers' successes with the state budget, highlighting how effectively budgets are being put to good work in the commonwealth, such as State Rep. William Crocker's work in generating increases in Chapter 70 state aid to the Barnstable, Dennis-Yarmouth Regional and Cape Cod Regional Technical High School districts, as well as $15 million for early education in Barnstable. Continue reading

Rep. Crocker secures $50,000 for Barnstable Homeless Outreach Coordinator

State Representative Will Crocker, R-Centerville, is pleased to announce the Barnstable will be receiving the full funding of $50,000 for the Homeless Outreach Coordinator in Governor Baker’s budget even in the face of $320 million in line-item vetos. Continue reading

Rail Trail Links Dennis and Yarmouth

A Wicked Local Yarmouth article written on July 1st, discusses improvements to the statewide trail system and how they have positively impacted the Cape. Continue reading

Representative Crocker supports stronger local controls over state marijuana law implementation

State Representative Crocker, R- Centerville, voted yesterday to support legislation that will give cities and towns more flexibility in implementing the state’s new recreational marijuana law. Continue reading

Representative Crocker opposes 2018 ballot proposal to create a graduated state income tax

State Representative Will Crocker R-Centerville voted yesterday to oppose placing a graduated state income tax plan on the 2018 state ballot. Continue reading

Political Notes: Whelan Seeks to Regulate Carfentanil

A Cape Cod Times article written on May 23rd discusses legislation to add carfentanil to the state’s controlled substances and drug trafficking laws. Continue reading

State of the Cape: An In-Depth Look at the Issues Facing Cape Cod

A CapeCod.com article written on May 19th discusses a forum to be held on the issues facing Cape Cod, which Representative Will Crocker is scheduled to attend. Continue reading

$139M set for Cape Transportation Projects

A Cape Cod Times article written on May 15th discusses finances for Cape transportation projects and State Rep. William Crocker stressing the importance of having the redesign of the Route 28 and Yarmouth Road intersection, as it would improve local traffic, navigation for emergency vehicles, and act as a gateway for tourists. Continue reading