Local State Representatives Announce Road and Bridge Funding

A CapeCod.com article written on April 2nd, discusses Representative Tim Whelan and Representative Will Crocker announcing money for road and bridge projects in Barnstable, Yarmouth, Dennis and Brewster.

Local State Representatives Announce Road and Bridge Funding


Justin Saunders

April 2, 2017

BARNSTABLE –A pair of local State Representative have announced money for road and bridge projects in their districts.

Tim Whelan (R-Brewster) and Will Crocker (R-Centerville) said that Barnstable, Yarmouth, Dennis and Brewster will received a combined total of more than $3.8 million for local road and bridge repairs under the state’s Chapter 90 program.

Barnstable will receive around $2 million, while Yarmouth will get $850,000, with Dennis getting $721,000 and Brewster receiving $314,000.

“What this does is that it releases money to cities and towns to assist them in their efforts to help maintain transportation infrastructure with town-owned roads, town bridges and they can also use them for other projects,” said Whelan.

The money was included as part of a $200 million bond authorization approved by the House of Representatives.

The state’s Chapter 90 program allocates funding to cities and towns and is paid out as reimbursements to communities for qualifying infrastructure work.

Crocker admits that although it’s just a little bit of funding, it will help.

“It’s not enough, it’s not even close to being enough, but it’s a step in the right direction,” said Crocker.

The funding can be spent on a variety of municipal roadway projects including resurfacing, drainage, sidewalks, guardrails, traffic control, right-of-way acquisition and street lighting.

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