Rep. Crocker announces $2,837,747 in road and bridge funding for Barnstable and Yarmouth

A press release from the Office of State Representative Will Crocker announces Chapter 90 funding for the towns of Barnstable and Yarmouth in the total of $2,837,747.

Rep. Crocker announces $2,837,747 in road and bridge funding for Barnstable and Yarmouth

BOSTON – State Representative Will Crocker (R-Centerville) is pleased to announce that the town of Barnstable is scheduled to receive $1,994,921 and the town of Yarmouth is scheduled to receive $842,826 in road and bridge funding for Fiscal Year 2021 under the state’s Chapter 90 program.

The funding was included as part of a $200 million statewide bond authorization approved by the House of Representatives on a vote of 159-0 on June 30. House Bill 4803, An Act financing improvements to municipal roads and bridges, is expected to reach Governor Baker’s desk following a final enactment vote in the Senate on July 2.

Established by the Legislature in 1973, the Chapter 90 program allocates funding to cities and towns on an annual basis, using a formula that is based on a weighted average of a community’s population, employment and total road miles. It is a 100 percent reimbursable program that provides funding assistance for municipalities to carry out roadway construction, renovation and improvement projects.

According to Representative Crocker, Chapter 90 funding can be used for a variety of purposes, including road resurfacing, sidewalks, street lighting, traffic control measures, and roadside drainage. Municipalities can also use the money for the purchase, replacement and long-term lease of road building machinery, equipment and tools.