Rep. Crocker Contributes to Newly Signed Civics Engagement Bill

A article written on November 13, 2018 details how Representative Crocker contributed to the newly signed civics education legislation as a member of the conference committee.

Rep. Crocker Contributes to Newly Signed Civics Engagement Bill

BOSTON – Recently re-elected 2nd Barnstable State Representative Will Crocker was part a conference committee which developed the final version of a civics engagement bill that was signed into law last week by Governor Charlie Baker.

An Act to Promote and Enhance Civics Engagement requires 8th grade students at public schools to complete at least one-student led, non-partisan civics project.

The projects can be individual, small group, or class wide and they must be designed to promote student abilities related to the analysis of complex issues, consideration of different perspectives, logical reasoning with supportive evidence, engagement in civil discourse and understanding of the connections between federal, state and local policies.

Under the law, a student who chooses not to participate in a particular group or class-wide project must be offered the opportunity to develop an individual civics project.

The legislation also created a Civics Project Trust Fund to help communities cover the costs of implementing the educational requirement, particularly in underserved communities.

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, in consultation with the Secretary of State, will work to form a non-partisan high school voter challenge program to raise awareness for eligible students to register or pre-register to vote.

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