Rep. Crocker knows how government works

In a letter to the editor of the Barnstable Patriot, Barnstable Town Council President Eric Steinhilber shares his experience working with Representative Crocker on the Barnstable Town Council, as well as details Will's successes as state representative. 

Rep. Crocker knows how government works

I have known State Representative Will Crocker for over 10 years and served with him on the Barnstable Town Council for four years. Will is experienced, knowledgeable, insightful and, most importantly, energized to serve his constituency. Will listens to the facts and arguments presented, and makes his decision based on those criteria. That is what he did as a councilor and what he does as State Representative.

Barnstable is fortunate to have a former Town Councilor as a member of the State Legislature. Will knows how local government works because he was a part of it and has that municipal experience. He has guided home rule petitions from the town successfully through the lengthy legislative process on Beacon Hill. Will worked to get funding for a town Homeless Outreach Coordinator and funding for local environmental restoration projects, some of which were not even in his immediate legislative district.

Will Crocker has lived most of his life in this town. He has a stake in it, and is committed to staying here and helping it grow and prosper. That’s why I support his re-election and urge the voters of Barnstable to do the same.

Eric R. Steinhilber
Barnstable Town Council President

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