Rep. Will Crocker Testifies in Favor of "An Act Protecting Children Boarding School Buses"

A CapeCodToday article written on November 7th, 2019 shares details from a Joint Committee on Transportation hearing, where State Representative Will Crocker testified on a bill he authored, that would require school buses to be equipped with operational outside cameras. 

Rep. Will Crocker Testifies in Favor of "An Act Protecting Children Boarding School Buses"

Crocker authored bill requiring all school buses to carry outside video cameras
Rep. Will Crocker testifies before the Joint Committee on Transportation Wednesday. Rep. Crocker was speaking in support of his school bus safety bill. (Courtesy of Rep. Crocker)

BOSTON – State Representative Will Crocker (R-Centerville) testified in support of H.2984, An Act Protecting Children Boarding School Buses, before the Joint Committee on Transportation on Wednesday November 6, 2019. This legislation, filed by Representative Crocker, comes in response to the sharp increase in distracted driving incidents in recent years, with an aim to make traveling to and from school safer for children.

H.2984 would require that all school buses in the Commonwealth be equipped with outside video cameras that operate while the school bus is in use. The purpose of the cameras is to focus on oncoming traffic and also vehicles attempting to pass a stopped school bus with flashing lights activated and record the license plate of the offending vehicle. 

Research states that on a daily basis roughly nine people are killed and more than 1,000 people injured in distracted driving accidents. Drivers ignore school bus stop signs regularly. One Barnstable Public School bus driver estimated on average their bus is passed, with their lights flashing and stop arm extended, at least two or three times a week. “We must protect school children from the perils of the distracted driver and at the same time remind that driver that they have a responsibility to safely operate their vehicle,” said Representative Crocker. “This bill takes a big step toward making sure children can get on and off their school bus every day without fearing for their lives.”

This legislation currently awaits a vote by the Joint Committee on Transportation, before moving further in the legislative process.