Representative Crocker maintains perfect voting record

A press release from the Office of State Representative Will Crocker announces Representative Crocker has continued to maintain his perfect voting during the 2019-2020 legislative session.

Representative Crocker maintains perfect voting record

Local legislator casts 267 consecutive roll call votes during 2019-2020 session


BOSTON – State Representative Will Crocker, R-Centerville has successfully maintained a perfect voting record for the 2019-2020 legislative session, participating in all 267 roll call votes recorded in the House of Representatives between January 30, 2019 and July 31, 2020.

The Centerville legislator noted, “I believe my most important responsibility is to be the experienced voice of my constituents.  I strive every day to make sure they have knowledgeable and consistent representation on Beacon Hill.” Representative Crocker cast votes on several major pieces of legislation that were signed into law this session, including Nicky’s Law, which established a statewide “do not hire” registry to track caregivers who abuse clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities. A longtime advocate for Massachusetts’ public schools, Representative Crocker also voted for the Student Opportunity Act, which calls for increased school funding and stronger accountability standards to help close student achievement gaps, and the Breakfast After the Bell initiative, which will expand school breakfast programs across the state to help ensure every student comes to school prepared to learn.

In response to the COVID-19 State of Emergency declared on March 10, Representative Crocker supported a wide range of bills to assist families, municipalities and small businesses during the pandemic. In addition to backing expanded mail-in voting and other options to allow residents to safely exercise their right to vote, he also supported the Restaurant Relief Act, which would cap third-party delivery fees and give businesses additional time to submit their meals tax payments without being subject to penalties or interest.

Other key initiatives supported by Representative Crocker this session include legislation to:


  • address racial disparities in maternal healthcare;
  • establish a Foster Parents Bill of Rights;
  • enhance consumer access and insurance parity for telehealth services;
  • criminalize female genital mutilation (FGM);
  • expand access to behavioral and mental health services for children;
  • protect students attending financially struggling colleges facing possible closure;
  • reduce distracted driving by allowing only hands-free cell phone use while operating a motor vehicle;
  • provide over $1.3 billion in state grants to communities for climate change adaptation and infrastructure improvements;
  • assist Massachusetts veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other deployment-related health conditions; and
  • create a Women’s Rights History Trail to promote education and awareness of the struggle for women’s rights in Massachusetts.


Representative Crocker represents the Second Barnstable District.  He currently serves as the Ranking Minority Member on the Joint Committee on Mental Health, Substance Use, and Recovery, as well as the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development, and the Joint Committee on Housing.